Meet Keith Hoban. Keith has been practicing law for more than 35 years in Victoria.

Rewind the clock and Keith was securing clients even before mobile phones came along, let alone the internet. 

But that was 20 something years ago, and the landscape to help his clients has shifted dramatically. 

After speaking with several friends Keith became curious by the idea of a new website. The one he originally had served its purpose, but it lacked the visual aesthetic and functionality that other websites, particularly in his industry, had adopted. 

“My previous website was roughly 10 years old and needed a serious face-lift, but I didn’t really know what it would cost and who I could trust to respect and understand my business needs,” he said.

After consulting Wicked Sites, Matt and Nic “created a website that has truly brought my business into the modern era”.

With a revitalised website, the cherry on top was an online booking system that Wicked Sites implemented for Keith. In the space of six months, the Bayside lawyer saw client appointments increase five-fold, all of which were online bookings. 

An online booking system means customers can book 24/7, particularly after traditional business hours. This time is becoming increasingly popular for people to make purchases from the comfort of their couch of an evening. 

If you own a business and want to find out how we can help you increase your online traffic and bookings, feel free to book an appointment via our home page.